Baruch Tenembaum
A Jewish "Gaucho" on the road of fraternity


- BUENOS AIRES HERALD. Story of Argentina's Saint to be painted in Israel

In 1968, the renowned painter Raúl Soldi travelled to the Holy Land on an invitation of the Casa Argentina in Israel, with the purpose of offering through his art a testimony of peace for all mankind. In the Basilica "Our Lady of the Announciation" in Nazareth, he painted a fresco 6 meters high per 2.50 wide, which recalls the legend of the Lujan Virgin. In that trip he was guided and accompannied by Baruch Tenembaum. It is a unique testimony accompliished by one of the most pretigious Argenine artists of all times. The Buenos Aires Herald newspaper and many others published the story.

Baruch Tenembaum, the second from right, stands beside the artist Raul Soldi on the public announcement of his trip to Israel.