Name: ”Hommage á Raoul Wallenberg Exposition”.
An exhibition was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on May 1999. The IRWF awarded Federico Mayor, General Director of UNESCO.
Address: Maison de l’Unesco
7, Place de Fontenoy
City: Paris 7- France


Name: ”Homage to Raoul Wallenberg”.
Sculptress: Norma D’Ippólito (Argentine).
Locations in France:
* the headquartes of the UNESCO, in Paris. Unveiled on May 1999. Presented by the IRWF to Federico Mayor, General Director of UNESCO.
Web Site: See the sculpture

University Work

Name: ”The Memory of Raoul Wallenberg”.
Author: Yan Ollivier
Text in French about all the manifestations of the memory of Raoul Wallenberg around the world since 1945, January, the 17th : 158 pages, 39 illustrations (black and white), 22 page bibliography, interviews of Ferenc Orosz and Maria Ember (see Hungary)
E-mail :
22, rue Arago
F-78500 Sartrouville
tel. : (0044)