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Other Saviors of the Holocaust

Three Greek Rescuers of the Holocaust have been recognized as Righteous among the Nations

Following a research and petition by the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation. Katina and Ioanis Perakis, of Piraeus, and Mrs. Dimitra Dimopoulo, of Athens…


L’Oratoire de Louvre is a new House of Life

On 27 September 2016 the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation marked L’ Oratoire de Louvre (the Oratory of Louvre) as “House of Life”. The…


Rome: Convent Our Lady of Sion is a new “House of Life”

On 21 September 2016 the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation marked as “House of Life” the former convent of Our Lady of Sion in Rome, now the…

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BOOK: German missionary activity in the Ottoman Empire: Marash Station (1896-1919)

Summary The Armenian massacres (1894-1896) in  the  Ottoman Empire during  which around 300 000 Armenians were victimized found an echo in Germany…

Hitler´s Pope?

by Sir Martin Gilbert August 18, 2006, 4:07 am This review appeared in the July/August 2006 issue of The American Spectator.  The Myth of Hitler’s…

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