The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization. Its mission is to develop educational programs and public awareness campaigns based on the values of solidarity and civic courage, ethical cornerstones of the Saviors of the Holocaust. Read more.


From a Dacha Wall, a Clue to Raoul Wallenberg’s Cold War Fate

MOSCOW — The 1945 disappearance of Raoul Wallenberg — a Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from Nazi gas chambers — ranks…


Tribute to Raoul Wallenberg in Buenos Aires

On Thursday, 4 August 2016 the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation paid tribute to the “Hero without a grave” on a new anniversary of his birth…


Syeda Ghulam Fatima. The value of solidarity and civic courage

We met Syeda Ghulam Fatima in April 2016 in Yerevan, Armenia, where we traveled to attend the presentation of the “Aurora Prize for Awakening…

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Mr. Putin, let us bury Raoul Wallenberg

An open letter asking the Russian president to help locate the Swedish diplomat’s remains so they can be given a proper burial The President of the…

The Raoul Wallenberg Foundation mourns the passing of its distinguished member, Elie Wiesel

As a member of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, he offered us guidance and support in our quest to recognize the rescuers and instill their spirit of…

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