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  • Fate of a hero

    Sir, – It’s Raoul Wallenberg’s birthday today and over 60 years since his disappearance. Hasn’t the time finally come for his fate to be revealed? The ongoing ”100,000 Names for 100,000 Lives” campaign has already accumulated over 22,000 signatures in an effort to solve the mystery, and 425 pages of it have been presented to [...]

  • Putin to receive over 22,000 request to liberate a prisioner

    This week, the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation will present a 425 pages document with the interim result of their signature campaign to President Vladimir Putin, as well as to other leaders around the world and the United Nations. The ongoing ”100,000 Names for 100,000 Lives” campaign has already accumulated over 22,000 signatures in an effort [...]

  • Eduardo Propper de Callejón Honored by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation

    On June 1st, 2006, the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, in conjunction with the Instituto Cervantes and the Spanish Consulate in New York and, paid tribute to Diplomat and savior of the Holocaust, Eduardo Propper de Callejón at the Instituto Cervantes in New York City. The event had a tremendous turnout with approximately 180 people in [...]

  • Folk artist returns home to promote understanding through song

    After completion of his inspirational and successful tour of New York City schools, renowned Swedish folk artist Ben Olander will bring his lectures back to his home country of Sweden under the auspices of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation. Olander is set to give presentations to schools and government institutions around Sweden through November. Ben [...]

  • Sousa Mendes Honored in Florida Synagogue

    Beth Torah Synagogue in Aventura, Florida, has dedicated one of their benches in memory of Portuguese Consul General Aristides de Sousa Mendes, who served in Bordeaux, France during World War II and issued more than 30,000 life-saving Portuguese visas. The initiative was inspired after the granddaughter of the Portuguese savior, Sheila Abranches, spoke at the [...]

  • Rozka Korczak-Marle, Poland

    At the outbreak of World War II, Rozka went to Vilna where she became an active Zionist leader, along with Abba Kovner and Vitka Kemper. Together with other young Zionist activists, she formed the United Partisan Organization, which called for armed resistance against the Nazis. After discovering that armed resistance was not practical, she left [...]

  • Lena Kuchler, Poland

    During World War II, Lena Kuchler posed as a Roman Catholic and worked as a nanny and a teacher in Nazi-occupied Poland. After the war, Lena returned home only to discover that her family and neighbors had all been driven away by anti-Semitism and that her sister, Fela, had been killed by the Gestapo. She [...]

  • Vira Vertepna Stochanska, Ukraine

    In 1941, Bronia Felberbaum and her parents, Sophie and Jacob, were taken from their home in Tarnopol, Poland to the ghetto in Velyki Birky. Jacob knew Christian families in Velyki Birky and was able to contact Helen Balyk, who promised to hide the family on her parents’ farm. One day the Gestapo officer who Bronia’s [...]

  • Magdalena Horvath, Hungary

    Magdalena Horvath was married to Erny Szendrody, a Jewish man with a large family. When Magdalena’s mother-in-law received her notice for deportation, Magdalena asked her own mother for her papers. Fearing the consequences, her mother refused, but Magdalena took her mother’s papers anyway, and gave them to her mother-in-law and brought her to an apartment [...]