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  • Appreciation to the Bulgarian Church

    The Bulgarian Church received it for saving Jews during the WWII, after the premiere of a documentary which shows several testimonies of those dramatic events. The Metropolitan Bishops Stefan and Kiril received an appreciation after the premiere of the film ”The Optimistics”, which tells the story of the Bulgarian Jews who were saved during the [...]

  • Catholics and Jews could overcome prejudices and distrust

    The relationship between Catholicism and Judaism has been marked for centuries by prejudices and distrust. On the Catholics’ side the prejudices were based on a misinterpretation of the Gospels about the role played by the Jews. On the Jews’ side the distrust was a consequence of centuries of persecutions which reached their peak in the [...]

  • When John XXIII baptized Jews

    A group of Jewish personalities vindicates the commitment made by monsignor Guiseppe Roncalli, later John XXIII, during the Second World War. His stratagem saved the lives of thousands of Hungarian-Jews. The chubby monsignor put his chair near that of his visitor’s and in a mid tone of voice asked him: ¿Do you think that Jews [...]