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  • The Holocaust is about today and tomorrow

    Holocaust Remembrance Day is on Warsaw Ghetto uprising anniversary, when poorly armed Jews held off armored Nazi brigade. Holocaust Remembrance Day falls on the anniversary of the heroic Warsaw Ghetto upraising in 1943, when an armored brigade of Nazi SS herding its population to death camps, paid a heavy price in blood for weeks at [...]

  • Will We ‘Never Forget’?

    Sixty years ago the Russians liberated Auschwitz, as the Americans approached Dachau. The Allied advance revealed to a stunned world the horrors of the greatest catastrophe ever to befall our civilization. To a survivor of both death factories, where Hitler’s gruesome reality eclipsed Dante’s imaginary inferno, being alive and well so many years later feels [...]

  • Address by Dr. Samuel Pisar

    Conferring the Raoul Wallenberg Award on Professor André Chouraqui Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in France. Ambassador Archibaldo Lanús, Excellences, Eminences, Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you Mr. Bendahan for your amiable and generous introduction. Thank you Archie for receiving so many of us here to celebrate the life and work of André Chouraqui. Judith [...]