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  • The “Marranos” of Armenia

    Let’s be clear.  This is not about Jews forcibly converted by the Christians in Armenia, but about Armenian Christians forcibly converted to Islam.  And just as many Jews in 15th Century Spain did not accept forced conversion and clandestinely maintained their true heritage (these were the original “marranos”), we now have Turkish Armenians attempting the [...]

  • The writers and the Nazis

    A dilemma between the quality of the work and vile behavior The beautiful and democratic Norway has taken itself into an unnecessary problem due to a decision made by the Royal family (or by King Harald V and his wife, Queen Sonia’s, advisers): celebrating a Nazi writer. The excuse given is based on the need [...]

  • Tired of Mistakes

    ZAGREB, Croatia. This beautiful country, full of history, overflowing with gloomy and brilliant hues, mythical and bloodthirsty, now rises to the surface with profitable energy and increasing liberty, flooded by tourism and conscious of the great errors of the past. A short while ago, its President Stjepan Mesic, traveled to Israel to ask forgiveness for [...]

  • Surprise Coups

    Washington, D.C. In a recent encounter with Baruch Tenembaum, president of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, I learned about some unknown facts that left me with my mouth wide open. Tenembaum was born in the Santa Fe province’s town of Las Palmeras and has become one of the most efficient promoters of universal harmony. The [...]

  • The Legacy of John XXIII

    A reddish sun was setting over the waters that washed the glittering coasts of Istanbul. From an elevated viewpoint, not far from Palace Topkapi, a man of strong complexion looked fascinated by the wonder of dusk. There was no sign of pleasure in his heart, but anguish instead. He half-closed his eyes to see the [...]

  • A Polish hero

    On June 20, an important event took place in Buenos Aires. The Swedish Ambassador to this country, Peter Landelius, presented his Polish counterpart, Eugeniusz Noworyta, wirh a sculpture for the Warsaw government. The ceremony was carried out at the Polish Embassy with the attendance of a large audience. It was the homage to the legendary [...]